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Christmas Shopping in Bratislava - Bratislava on Video


In this video, Alicia Cooke takes you through the Christmas Market in Bratislava and down a few streets in the Old Town to suggest some great spots for Christmas Shopping in Bratislava.

  • Shopping Centres, Souvenirs

    Posted by Jakub  November 10, 2018  100.00% Rating

    Shopping CentresBratislava has several large shopping malls. Three of them are located near the centre and accessible by car or public transport. Aupark across the river from the Old Town and Polus on Vajnorska. Eurovea Gallery is the newest of them and i...

    Shopping Centres, Souvenirs
  • Designer and Luxury Fashion Shopping in Bratislava

    Posted by Jakub  November 10, 2018  100.00% Rating

    Until a few years ago Bratislava had very limited choice of designer brand shops. Recently, new shops and department stores featuring some of the more prominent global fashion designers have sprung up both around the Old Town and in shopping malls. The se...

    Designer and Luxury Fashion Shopping in Bratislava
  • Bratislava Antiques, Antique Dealers

    Posted by Jakub  November 11, 2018

    Small antique shops are scattered around the city centre. If you want to sample a few, walk the Korzo (Sedlarska, Michalska) and surrounding streets (Laurinska, Panska, Obchodna) and you will find a number of shops.Serious collectors would start with a ch...

    Bratislava Antiques, Antique Dealers
  • Christmas Days at Incheba

    Posted by Jakub  November 13, 2016

    Incheba, the convention center in Petrzalka, just across the river from the Bratislava´s old town, is having its ´Christmas Days´ (Dni Vianoc). 350 vendors are selling a variety of gifts to place under the tree. Since the even is at Incheba it will be ...

    Christmas Days at Incheba

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