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Prasna Basta Restaurant


Posted by Jakub  November 09, 2018  Leave a comment

Location: Zamocnicka street (near Frantiskanske square)
Menu highlights: Popular starters include the Armenian salad, consisting of grated carrots and an extremely garlic flavored mayonnaise sauce. From the soup selection, try the onion soup (Cibulacka) or garlic soup (Cesnacka). Main dishes include Racisdorfska pochutka, a pork and beef delicacy inside a potato pancake, and Sote Jose - chicken strips in creamy white wine sauce with hot peppers. Full menu available here.
Wines: See the respectable wine list.
Review: Prasna Basta is now featured in several tourist guides but remains very popular with an intellectual and artsy crowd of locals. The service is unobtrusively friendly and the food is usually of a high quality, although there are occasional inconsistencies. In the summer, the restaurant offers very pleasant seating in its quiet backyard.
Prices: Prasna Basta has an excellent value for the prices given the location and quality of the food. Full dinner for two including wine from about |30|.
Additional reviews: Dessert review

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