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Bratislava Antiques, Antique Dealers


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Small antique shops are scattered around the city centre. If you want to sample a few, walk the Korzo (Sedlarska, Michalska) and surrounding streets (Laurinska, Panska, Obchodna) and you will find a number of shops.
Serious collectors would start with a chat at SOGA, Slovakia's only major art auction house.
The times of the post-communist antiques bonanza are over - most baroque era items are long gone. Nonetheless, browsing can still yield some bargains for a connoiseur.
Most antique shops cater to an international clientele and are thus marked in English or German (Antiques, Antiquitaten) or in Slovak (Starozitnictvo, Starozitnosti).
Licensing of exports is within the domain of the Ministry of Culture. Check with the shop for details if you plan to export antiques. You may require some paperwork to avoid customs hassle.
Shops with websites
Antika Dorota own two shops.
On Prepostska 4 you will find Antikva.
Baroque furniture store at manesovo namestie in Petrzalka.
Galeria Derka on Zilinska offers artwork and antiques.
Starozitnosti u Zofky is located on Michalska (see website for items on offer).
U stareho hodinara on Zidovska offers antique clocks.
Zlaty solidus is located on Halkova at Slimak Shopping Centre.

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