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Gambling in Bratislava Casinos


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Bratislava's three large casinos offer professional gambling and world class play in roulette, blackjack, and poker.
The oldest and most central is the Casino Cafe Reduta located in a historical building in the heart of the Old Town.
The Regency Casino is located at the Crowne Plaza Hotel and a new casino, the Olympic Casino, opened in June 2008 at the Radisson SAS Carlton Hotel in Hviezdoslavovo Square. Olympic is the first 24-hour casino.
Another casino is open at the new Eurovea mall by the Danube river.
In addition there are many smaller gaming rooms with slot machines, electronic roulette, and bingo machines. Many of the smaller establishments though offer poor service and are generally frequented by dodgy clientele.
Another major casino is located in the spa town of Piestany, some 120 km Northeast of Bratislava.

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