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Bratislava Gyms, Exercise and Fitness Centers


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As Bratislavians become more affluent and attuned to modern Western lifestyles the number of gyms, fitness centers and squash centers is increasing and the quality of services is improving.
Entrance fees for a single visit range from about |2| at the gyms outside the city centre up to |20| and more for fitness centres at the upscale hotels.
Fitness Centrum Zochova, Zochova Street
+421 2 5443 3847
A city-centre gym featuring exercise machines, free weights and an aerobics room, solarium. The gym is located at an office building, drawing a yuppie crowd of fitness-obsessed office workers.
Fanatix, Dunajska 23
+421 5292 0072
Well apointed fitness and squash centre in a very central location.
Golem, Aupark Shopping Centre
+421 2 6353 0891
An upscale gym at one of the city's prime shopping malls also offering squash courts, solarium.
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