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Na ulici - In the street


Posted by Jakub  November 12, 2018  Leave a comment

This article is a part of series, where you can learn Slovak language words and phrases.
Prepacte, hovorite po anglicky? - Excuse me, do you speak English? [mp3|prepacte-hovorite-po-anglicky]
Prosim? - I beg your pardon. [mp3|prosim]
Je tu niekde telefonna budka? - Is there a phone booth nearby? [mp3|je-tu-niekde-telefonna-budka]
Rozumiete? - Do you understand? [mp3|rozumiete]
Kde je ...? - Where is....? [mp3|kde-je]
Kde je toaleta? - Where is the toilet? [mp3|kde-je-toaleta]
Nerozumiem po slovensky. - I do not understand Slovak. [mp3|nerozumiem-po-slovensky]
Mohli by ste mi/nam pomoct? - Could you help me/us? [mp3|mohli-by-ste-mi-pomoct] [mp3|mohli-by-ste-nam-pomoct]
Kolko je hodin? - What is the time? [mp3|kolko-je-hodin]
Nerozumiem. - I do not understand [mp3|nerozumiem]
Co znamena...? - What does ... mean? [mp3|co-znamena]
Ake cislo ma policia/sanitka/poziarnici? What is the phone number for the police/ambulance/fire station? (correct answer is 158/155/150 or 112 for integrated emergy services) [mp3|ake-cislo-ma-policia] [mp3|ake-cislo-ma-sanitka] [mp3|ake-cislo-maju-poziarnici]
Kolko stoji listok na MHD? - How much is a ticket for public transport? [mp3|kolko-stoji-listok-na-mhd]
Kolko to stoji? - How much is it? [mp3|kolko-to-stoji]
Ako daleko je to od ....? - How far is it from....? [mp3|ako-daleko-je-to-od]
Kde mame vystupit? - Can you tell us where to get off? [mp3|kde-mame-vystupit]
Kde je turisticke informacne centrum? - Where is a tourist information office? [mp3|kde-je-turisticke-informacne-centrum]

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