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Finding a Christmas Service in Bratislava


Posted by Jakub  November 11, 2018  Leave a comment

( - If your trip to Bratislava cannot be complete without a Christmas Eve church service, then look no further. The city offers many Christmas Eve services and even a few in English.
If all you are looking for is being surrounded by incense-scented air and immersed in a prayerful environment, just walk into the first church you see. In the Old Town of Bratislava, it´s hard to walk more than a few dozen steps without seeing a church. Walk right in, make yourself comfortable, and collect your thoughts for a bit. Catholic churches all over the city have rigorous mass schedules all day long (and late into the night, in the case of Christmas Eve midnight mass).
If you would like to hear an English language service instead of a Slovak language service, then take a look at our guide to English speaking churches in Bratislava. Using that guide, an ideal Christmas service might be just a phone call or an email away. The list includes Protestant and Roman Catholic congregations in Bratislava.
If you happen to be looking for a Jewish service or a Muslim service then Bratislava has religious groups that offer that as well. Simply take a look at our article on Jewish religious services in Bratislava or our article on Muslim religious services in Bratislava.

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