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Bratislava to Prague


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Bratislava and Prague are not very far from each other; therefore, the tourists sometimes make trips between the two cities during their stay in central Europe. There are several ways to journey from one capital to the other.
The train schedule may be viewed online. The language of the website may be switched to English or German by clicking on the respective language in the lower right-hand corner of the homepage. To purchase tickets, buy them directly at Bratislava Main Train Station (Hlavna stanica). Most trains go from this station to Prague Hlavni nadrazi. The journey by train takes about three hours and 48 minutes by the Italian train company Pendolino at cost of about |32.70|. A round-trip ticket goes from |37|. Slower trains travel to Prague, taking about four and a half hours, for a considerably lower price.
One perk about traveling by bus is that connections may be checked online and reservations may be made and paid for online. Travelers most likely journey from Bratislava, AS to Prague, Florenc. The price of a one-way ticket is |16| and |14| with an international student card. A round-trip ticket costs |28| and |25| with an international student card. The trip from Bratislava to Prague by a bus takes about four hours.
The 320 kilometer car-ride between Bratislava and Prague takes a little more than three hours. Those who plan to travel by car should purchase toll sticker in Czech Republic for about |9.44|. It is the cheapest sticker, which is valid for 10 days.
Czech Airlines fly to and from Bratislava and Prague. The usual price of one way ticket is |160|.

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