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Main Train Station (Hlavna stanica)


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The main train station is not only the most important station for trains in Bratislava, but it is also the main station for many city buses, trams and trolleybuses. It is located close to the city center in the northern part of the city, just below the hills. It is easily accessible by public transport, car or on foot.
The main train station has some information kiosks, but checking the schedule in advance online is always better (the language of the website may be switched to English or German by clicking on the respective language in the lower right-hand corner of the homepage).
At the train station, the nearest departures are shown on the electronic panels in the main lobby. The electronic panels indicate the number of the train, the final destination, number of platform (most platforms then have multiple tracks), time of departure and the time of delay if the train is running late. A set of letters is always included before the number of the train. The letters EC or IC indicate that the train is one of the fastest and nicest EuroCity or InterCity. The letter R indicates that the train is a fast train but does not travel as fast as the EC or IC. The letters Os indicate that the train stops at nearly every possible place to stop, making the journey long and slow.
The main train station has six platforms. Announcements of train arrivals, departures and delays are made in Slovak, English and German. There are also several ATM machines, food stands and a luggage storage service, which is open from 5:30 a.m. until midnight.
Although there are plenty of ticket counters, many of them are normally closed, which results in long queues. Therefore, it is wiser to buy a ticket in advance (consider using the ticket counter in Klemensova Street headquarters of the Slovak Railways, open daily until 2:30 pm) or to arrive earlier to purchase a ticket.
Note that there are two kinds of counters - marked by logos. Those with the KVC sign are full service, including international tickets. Most counters accept credit card payment.
Public Transportation
The main train station is easily accessible by public transportation. It is also the place from which all night buses depart.
Due to track problems, tram service to the Main Station has been suspended indefinitely. Use Bus X-13 for the City Centre.
The lines 32, 41, 61, 74, 93 serve the main train station. Bus 32 goes to the borough Karlova Ves – Dlhe Diely. Bus 41 goes to Machnac, which is in the old town. Bus 61 leads to the airport and passes the Ondrej Nepela Hockey Arena. Bus 74 heads for Vlcie Hrdlo, which is near the Slovnaft refinery. Bus 93 goes into Petrzalka, making a stop near the Petrzalka train station.
There are two trolleybuses that go to the main train station. Number 201 goes to the borough Vrakuna and number 210 goes directly to the main bus station.
At most times of the day, many taxis are waiting in front of the main train station. The price for taking a taxi waiting in front of the station costs several times the price charged when ordering a taxi over the phone (EUR 15-20 to the City Centre is common). For more on taxis, visit Bratislava taxi tips.
Also see our information on other Bratislava train stations.

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archie on Sep 25, 2017

Can you please advise if line1 is now operating to the Hlavna stanica as it is shown on the most recent map from the company.




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Rita A. Houaiss on Mar 15, 2018

Awful costumer service! The ladies in the information office should be all fired and replaced by useful helpful human beings happy to serve people who are lost . Excuse me if i ask questions about the direction for the train and platform ! Just because you have been sitting on your ass for years behind this desk doesnt mean that you should expect ppl to understand all your system in a second . She literaly shouted at me saying " i dont want to help you you dont listen you dont read " go sit at home if you dont like your job . And i missed my train


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