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Basic Phrases In Slovak Language


Posted by Jakub  November 10, 2018  Leave a comment

These basic conversation words and phrases should give you a decent start into Slovak language and help you on your trip in Slovakia. You can hear the correct pronunciation by using the sound player button next to each word.
While most young Slovaks now learn English in schools, many older people speak only Slovak and use German or Russian as their second language. As Slovakia is not yet overrun by tourists, people are usually quite willing to offer assistance, even if their foreign language skills are moderate or non-existant. Like in many other countries, learning even a few basic words of Slovak will excite the locals and is a worthwhile investment even for short-term visitors. Moreover, many words in Slovak are derived from foreign words, as this funny article shows. Though keep in mind, if you master the pronounciation it might fool the person you are talking to and he will respond in Slovak and you will be in trouble :).
Restaurants in tourist areas offer menus in English or German but in many smaller towns menus are only available in Slovak.
Choose words or phrases you would like to learn by looking at the following sections of our Slovak Language Guide:
Greetings and General Discussion - Pozdravy a bezna rec
On the Street - Na ulici
In Restaurants - V restauracii
Hotels and Other Accommodations - Ubytovanie
Love and Friendship - Laska a priatelstvo
Numbers - Cislovky
Days of the Week - Dni v tyzdni
Months - Mesiace
Drinks - Napoje
Soups - Polievky
Appetisers - Predjedla
Main Dishes - Hlavne jedla
Side Dishes - Prilohy
Desserts - Dezerty
Fruits and Vegetables - Ovocie a zelenina
If you are serious about learning Slovak, have a look at the online course developed by Studia Academic Slovaca. To learn more about proper pronunciation please, visit Text to Speech or Speech Synthesis or Human Speech Synthesis pages which will help with the pronunciation of other Slovak language words or phrases (it is best to input characters with Slovak keyboard, as sounds will be distorted otherwise - see instructions for installing). Duolingo app now has the Czech language, which is very similar to Slovak so it might be a decent start.
Need a quick and reliable translation by a native speaker of Slovak? For an EUR 5 charge paid via PayPal one of the editors on the Team will translate an English phrase into flawless Slovak (or record it as audio) or translate a Slovak text into English - within two hours during regular office hours:
Google Translate now features Slovak and as Wi-Fi is basically everywhere you should be able to survive.
For live translation of English to Slovak or Slovak to English by a real person, use our PayPal form above. This real person translation allows you to have short text translated in a few hours by our staff.

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